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“It’s like GEM flew down from space right when the world was asking where are the young female producers”
"GEM is an artist you should know”
“GEM is the #2 female producer in the world to watch right now”


GEM is featured on major Spotify tastemaker playlists and has played gigs and festivals across the world. Splitting production time between Los Angeles & her studio in her native Australia, Producer / DJ / multi-instrumentalist & vocalist, GEM is currently booking her high vibe & high energy tour of North America & Europe, dates coincide with a series of dance music releases Spring through Fall of 2024.



Growing up in a legendary music studio, producing began very young.  GEM is a special producer talent, The Recording Academy recognized this, reached out to her (very rare), and invited her here from Austrailia to be in Grammy NEXT, prestigious and small program (6 producers that year worldwide) to mentor who they perceive to be the next Grammy nominees ,35k monthly listeners on Spotify, an extensive list of credits, GEM is an award-winning music Producer and voting member of the Recording Academy. For her own original sound, she produces dance music in house, disco, afro beats, melodic, downtempo, & tech.  

Additionally, her music & wellness brand 
The Alchemy Of Frequency , offers frequency workshops & guided meditations featuring her original music at festivals, retreats, & beautiful locations worldwide.

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